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    Orlando, Fla.—With the recent low temperatures in Florida, it is only natural that we wonder what things need to be done to prevent damages to our property. Although for us in Florida this topic is usually not of much concern, but certain preventive measures do need to be taken when temperatures drop really low. READ MORE >>

      Orlando, Fla.—We are beginning a brand new year, and decade. Many people started predictions about what’s this new decade about, and what will it bring us. It’s mere numerical sequence suggests that the future is here. READ MORE >>

    Orlando, Fla.—Now that we are entering full swing into the holiday season, what reasons do you have to be thankful? First of all, we must acknowledge the fact that we have ended this year’s “official” hurricane season without major constraints. READ MORE >>

  Orlando, Fla.—Sometimes life throws you lemons, and you have to learn how make a refreshing lemonade out of it. Take this scenario, for example. You just bought a nice house for your you and your family. READ MORE >>

  Orlando, Fla.—So you’re at your home, or apartment and you easily do your laundry while you seat back and relax, because you are in your safe place. That is an absolutely correct statement until you learn that annually,42 families in the United States deal with a fire in the... READ MORE >>

  Orlando, Fla.— Our City Beautiful, and surrounding areas, has become in the last few years, severely attractive for investors looking for passive income investments to build their wealth. With an estimated 10% to 18% return on investment, it makes a lot of sense to at least stop and take a look at it. READ MORE >>

   Orlando, Fla.—Exactly how much love have you put into your house to really make it HOME? A lot, we guess. When you buy a home not only you are investing in the real estate property, but you will also buy lots of  appliances, decor, and overall improvements to enhance th... READ MORE >>

  Orlando, Fla.—It’s a common problem nowadays, you are in constant use of your cellphone for basically everything, from calls and texts, to emails, camera, and GPS. At some point during the day, you may need to recharge that battery, and you will find yourself on a day when you don’t have a phone charger of your own, at hand. READ MORE >>

    Orlando, Fla.—If you are the parent of a teen aged kid who is eager to start driving, you may feel tempted with the idea of having some help around, and release the heavy weight responsibility of being your household’s taxi driver. READ MORE >>

    Orlando, Fla.—Yes, camping in your boat means sleeping in it.  It may not sound familiar, but a lot of people enjoy it and it can be quite a memorable experience when you take all the necessary safety precautions. READ MORE >>

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