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Protecting Your Holiday Gift Shopping From Car Burglaries

Orlando, Fla.—In this lovely season, it is most likely that sooner or later you will end up shopping at stores, at any given time looking for last minute gifts, maybe. You will feel tempted to get them, and to continue your shopping endeavor in more agile condition, you may want to take them to the car, or you may even need to go back to work or run other errands.  It is important to take the necessary precautions to prevent theft.

Burglars have their high season just now too. Although the will steal your shopping at any moment, in general, they are not brilliant minds planning genius schemes to get what they want from you. Most of them are just casually  opportunistic. They see something they like, and will find access to your vehicle to take it. That is the reason why, before you get out of your car at the parking lot where you are shopping, you must make sure not to leave any valuables at sight.

We all know the trunk is better than the passenger seats to leave your packages and bags, or laptops, but you must know that thieves will be observing the parking area on the look out for someone precisely moving their goods from the seats to the trunk to then leave for more shopping.

You should always try to keep them in the trunk from the very beginning, before you arrive, and that way you become less of a target of those criminals.

5 tips to protect yourself from car theft

  • Always try to keep your doors locked, even while you are driving.
  • When parked, make sure to close all windows and sunroof.
  • Always examine the area where you are headed to, and avoid insecure areas and routes.
  • Park in well illuminated areas.
  • Never leave the started vehicle unattended.

There are certain particular items that call the attention of burglars, and could be considered an invitation to break into your car. Try to make the habit to never leave the following items on the seats, console, dash or floor of your car:

  • Phone
  • Keys
  • Bag or wallet
  • Laptop (or even its empty case)
  • Briefcase or backpack
  • Small electronic devices
  • Cash or coins

A car insurance theft coverage may vary depending on the situation and the type of insurance you purchase.

Car insurance is not only a great protection for your vehicle, but in most states it is required by law.

The Florida DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) will require you to show proof of insurance to register a motor vehicle anywhere in the state. If you want to purchase a vehicle, especially with financing, you also need to demonstrate that you carry at least the minimum auto insurance, which is:

PIP (Personal Injury Protection) of at least $10,000

PDL (Property Damage Liability) of at least $10,000

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Marianne Elbeick