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Are You Ready to Send Your Student Child to College?

FLORIDA—Aside from looking for campuses, dorms, transportation and entertainment surrounding the area, there are multiple other tasks to take on before school starts.

For example, do you know what documents are necessary to keep on hand if need arises? For sure you will want to have a Health Power of Attorney, a Finance Power of Attorney, and a HIPAA Release Form.

The reasons are simple, 

When your child turns 18 years old, you as a parent no longer have the authority to make medical or financial decisions for them. In some states, even from 12 years old.

A Healthcare Power of Attorney grants you the possibility to stay on top of important medical decisions of your young adult if they ever get involved in any type of accident, or even staying involved in their routine medical treatments. This is especially important if your child is going to college in another state where the laws could leave you completely powerless when facing a challenging health situation.

Another important document to have is a Finance POA. Every parent of a young adult going to college should have a this type document, to be able to assist them handling financial decisions in an emergency. When you don’t have a power of attorney in place you may be unable to advocate for your kid’s best interests.

The HIPAA Release Form is one of the most important forms you want to keep at hand. Not to be confused with the ones you sign at the doctor’s office, those will not provide you the right to stay involved in your child’s healthcare decisions or medical care in any other office or health provider. A healthcare POA and a universal HIPAA release should be prepared before an emergency occurs where your child becomes incapacitated.

It is always a good idea to protect your investment on textbooks, smartphones, laptop computers and any other devices, TV’s, furniture and clothing but also, insurance wise, you want to keep tabs with your vehicle if you own one, your personal property at the dorm, and your liability.

Although some of your homeowners policy will help you protect their valuables up to certain amount, you’ll want to review your policy limits to make sure everything will be covered in case they lose anything, or theft. You can also consider a dorm policy with a low deductible and a smaller coverage limit to easily replace lower investments and expenses.

Liability coverage offers protection if you are found to be legally responsible for someone else’s harm or death while in your home. Some students will inevitable host parties where alcohol may be served, becoming a risk for lawsuits if anyone is injured or becomes ill while in your student’s property.

A dorm insurance policy will only cover personal property, leaving liability and other protections uncovered from risks. 

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Nestor Rossi, 2-15 Agent



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