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Homeowner Insurance

from Orlando Insurance Center

Homeowner Insurance

Every year in Florida, homes are damaged by storms, fires, and other unpredictable disasters. To protect your greatest asset, you need homeowners insurance to cover damages or loss of your home, including if it is rendered uninhabitable.

Some mortgage lenders mandate homeowners insurance before they will allow you to close on a property. But even if it’s not required, we recommend it for every property owner because few people would be able to recover from losing their home or paying for significant damage to it if they had to pay out of their own pockets.

Homeowners insurance can protect you in the event of a kitchen fire, a burst pipe through no fault of your own, or theft of major property. It will also give you coverage from things like hail damage or damage to your roof from other falling objects. Your personal belongings inside the home are also covered, like furnishings, appliances, electronics, and clothing.

The right policy can even cover the cost of living elsewhere for up to two years, if you must leave your home while it is being repaired or rebuilt.

You can add extra coverage to your homeowners policy for even greater protection.

Scheduled coverage

This is additional insurance for things not usually covered by a homeowners policy. It includes jewelry, artwork, collectibles, and antiques.

Flood insurance

Your homeowners policy typically doesn’t cover damage from floods. You can purchase a separate policy for greater peace of mind in situations like storm surges that cause higher-than-normal water levels.

Earthquake insurance

It may surprise you to learn that a good portion of the United States is at risk for a seismic event over the next decade or two. Since earthquake insurance is not covered under a homeowners policy, you can add separate earthquake insurance if you like.

Umbrella policy

Your homeowners policy will offer limited liability coverage, such as if someone slips and hurts themselves on your property. However, an umbrella policy gives you much greater liability protection. We recommend this type of insurance to most people, especially dog owners in the event of a bite.

For more information about homeowners insurance in the Orlando area, reach out to Orlando Insurance Center at 407-680-1214, or leave us a message with our convenient online form. Don’t let your greatest investment go unprotected. Get in touch today for the coverage your home needs.