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Wind, Hail and Your Insurance Coverage

Orlando, Fla.- Spring is the favorite season of severe weather. If you are not one of those people who closely follow the weather. and plan your activities to be in a safe place when conditions deteriorate, you might...

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Earth Month and Your Home

Orlando, Fla.-April is known as #EarthMonth and we can always learn more ways to be kind to mother nature. It can be easier than we think. Every year, communities, and other groups get involved and organize to educate...

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Protecting Your Swimming Pool From Hard Freeze Conditions

Orlando, Fla.-Now that we just had a taste of those freezing conditions across Central Florida, many were wondering what type of maintenance should be provided to our backyard pools. Freezing can create costly damages...

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Protecting Your Property Against Freezing Temperatures

Orlando, Fla.-For us in Florida these are rare occasions when we need to take the necessary steps to protect our property from damage caused by extreme cold temperatures, but every now and then we have to deal with it....

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2022 A New Year, A New Opportunity To Get Better Insurance Coverage

It’s time for a fresh start, some are recharging batteries after the holidays to come back with much more, energy, enthusiasm, and willingness to implements their plan, or so called resolutions, for the new year. Right...

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Safety, As We Celebrate Together Again

This year we all come back to the table because all travel restrictions have finally been lifted. Going back to our normal celebrations will prompt a need to review all safety measures to be taken when we are hosting...

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Who Needs Flood Insurance in Florida?

Orlando, Fla.-Flooding is the most common and most damaging natural disaster in the US. In Florida, flood risk is higher due to the state’s frequency of storms and proximity to water. When the rain is not absorbed...

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Ready For Hurricane Season 2021?

Orlando, Fla.-Uff, there is never a dull moment these days. For us living in Florida, getting ready for the upcoming Hurricane Season is in order now. The Atlantic Hurricane Season officially begins on June 1st, so...

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