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ORLANDO, Fla. — Earth Day was originally initiated as an environmental movement in the 70’s, where 20 million Americans went out to the streets protesting for a better and healthier environment. April 22 is a special date for all countries  around the world to reflect about prote... READ MORE >>

ORLANDO, Fla. — For many, owing more than the value of your car is simply a fact of car ownership. Specifically those who experience a total loss may find themselves owing more on a loan than the car is worth. Gap insurance, if you need it, is an important consideration at the time of purchasing a car insurance policy. READ MORE >>

ORLANDO, Fla. —A good time to plan is in early spring or fall, so the tree has time to acclimate before the harsh weather of winter or summer, although here in Florida trees could be planted in the winter.   READ MORE >>

ORLANDO, Fla. —Can you believe it’s already March? This year is passing by swiftly and before we know it we will be changing the clocks again. Yes, we know what you are thinking, in Florida, until Congress approves a bill that would free us from changing the hour due to Daylight Saving Time. READ MORE >>

ORLANDO, Fla.— You probably heard that WalletHub just named Florida as the best state in the country for singles looking to mingle. It is worth mentioning that after Florida, the other top states for singles are California, Texas, New York and Pennsylvania while West Virginia, Arkansas, North Dakota, Wyoming and Kentucky were ranked the worst states. READ MORE >>

ORLANDO, Fla.— We have previously discussed some ways to prevent freezing temperatures from causing damage to your property but gutter maintenance is a topic on it own mostly because most of us think about it as a summer or fall “maintenance-must-do. READ MORE >>

ORLANDO, Fla.—The State of Florida is about to introduce new laws in 2019.  The proposal (HB 45) would bar drivers from using hand-held wireless phones to talk, though it would allow the use of "hands-free" devices. That means no texting AND NO HOLDING YOUR PHONE. But bluetooth would be ok. READ MORE >>

ORLANDO, Fla.— Most of us live happily in the Sunshine State, not having to worry about ice or snow most of the time. Instead, we welcome our fellow neighbors from up north, and help them spend a great time enjoying great outdoor events and activities at a time of the year when their home states can’t. READ MORE >>

ORLANDO, Fla. — So far, we all should know that the deadline to get enrolled in the healthcare insurance market place is December 15, but do you know what happens if something unexpected occurs and you miss the timeline, but still need to obtain healthcare coverage on your own?     READ MORE >>

ORLANDO, Fla.—According to a recently released 2017 Uniform Crime Report from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, the numbers appear to be encouraging overall. As revealed by the report, crime in our state was down 4.5 percent, representing the lowest crime rate reported in 47 years. READ MORE >>

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