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Orlando, Fla. — It's frustrating but inevitable and every big city has to deal with this issue. According to Neighborhood Scout which tracks property crimes like burglary, larceny over fifty dollars, motor vehicle theft, and arson —your chance of becoming a victim of a property crime in Orlando is one in 19, which is a rate of 53 per one thousand population. READ MORE >>

Orlando, Fla.— For many families who have recently relocated and live currently on a leased property the summer months can be very hectic. If you have children and finally found a location/community that has everything you wished for you and your family, that makes you want to stay, and get tired or renting, this is the perfect time to move-on. READ MORE >>

Orlando, Fla.— As temperatures begin to rise consistently, homeowners in Central Florida have to deal with alligators in mating season which brings them to our areas searching for “friends,”  also snakes running away from water accumulated in their shelter which could be underground burrows or under rocks. READ MORE >>

Orlando, Fla.— The National Safe Boating Council reminds us all that being alert and careful when taking out our boats will help us stay safe in the water.    For us in Florida this is particularly important because as many people call it, we live in a “Swiss cheese. READ MORE >>

Orlando, Fla.— For us in Florida it is actually here to stay. Florida’s Governor recently signed a measure that declares the Legislature’s intent to observe it year round. With that said, we may have very well celebrated the last Spring Forward of our time, but does that really matter? READ MORE >>

Orlando, Fla.— Florida is king when it comes to scams in all areas.  The Assignment of Benefits is no exception. We wanted to share this important reminder with you, well before the beginning of the storm season when you are most likely to require the services of repair contractors for your home. READ MORE >>

Orlando, Fla.—We all know that feeling when you are inside Disney and somehow you forget all your worries. Don't you wish that one day, if not sooner, the rest of world could be just like that?   Tell us how you feel after the extremely sad recent events in a high school in South Florida. READ MORE >>

Orlando, Fla., — February is here, the month of love, the month to love and the month we all take some time to show our love. Valentines Day will be here before we know it.  All retail venues are dedicated to hearts, red and love. READ MORE >>

Orlando, Fla.—As we are getting used to these low temperatures in this part of the country, whether we like it or not, we need to practice extreme caution while driving. Due to our beautiful weather conditions year-round many Floridians are either untrained to or don’t practice enough certain rules of thumb for driving in winter conditions like snow or icy roads. READ MORE >>

Orlando, Fla. — And here we go. Starting 2018!  Happy•Hopeful•Motivated•Fresh• — and seeing a few things in Florida that had not happened since twenty eight years ago. Snowing in Florida! The complete panhandle all the way down to Gainesville. READ MORE >>

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