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Personal Insurance Products

Orlando Insurance Center is your resource for personal insurance products. As independent agents, we are able to offer a wide array of insurance options that meet your unique needs and your budget.

We’re here to answer all your questions so you understand your coverage and how best to protect yourself with a variety of insurance types. You can learn more about our personal insurance products below.

Minimum auto liability insurance is required in the state of Florida, but beyond that, you have many choices available to you when it comes to protecting yourself, your passengers, and your vehicle, as well as other motorists on the road.

Whether you’re purchasing a new vehicle, updating your policy, or buying a policy for a new driver in your household, Orlando Insurance Center is here to help you find the coverage you need


Homeowners insurance is essential to protect your greatest personal investment. Our policies offer you protection in the event of fire, storms, theft, and more. We will work with you to make sure you have sufficient coverage for both your home and your belongings.

Read more here to learn about all the benefits of homeowners insurance. And, reach out to us for help if you’re buying a new house, adding a vacation property, or simply updating the protection for your existing home.

Just because you rent doesn’t mean you should forgo the protection that homeowners are afforded by a homeowners policy. Renters insurance covers all your belongings as a renter, like furniture, electronics, clothing, and sporting goods.

Don’t wait until a storm or theft causes a loss of valuable property. Learn more about renters insurance here, and get the coverage you need for your assets. You may be eligible for a discount if you live in an apartment with a security system or combine a renters insurance policy with an auto policy.


Boating on the Florida waters is a glorious experience, but you want to do it responsibly with a boat insurance policy. There are many components you may wish to add to your boat insurance, and Orlando Insurance Center can help you select the ones that give you the protection you desire for your investment.

We work with new boat owners, experienced boaters adding to their fleet, and Jet Ski enthusiasts who want to have fun safely. Check out the information here to learn more about your options and get in touch to let us answer all your boat insurance questions.

Whether you’re reviewing your current motorcycle coverage (which we always encourage!) or purchasing your first bike, let us assist you with making sure your motorcycle insurance offers sufficient protection.

We are pros when it comes to giving our customers with motorcycles the information they need to make smart insurance decisions. And we know how to help you find the right policy for your budget too


If you own a condominium, we recommend purchasing condo insurance rather than a conventional homeowners policy. Condo insurance allows you to cover everything you need to protect while not paying extra for single-family home elements you don’t need.

Did you know you can add coverage for upgrades you’ve made to your condo unit, like custom flooring or kitchen renovations? Learn more here, and get the coverage you need that works with your property, your budget, and your HOA agreement.

Being a landlord today is not an easy job, but our goal at Orlando Insurance Center is to give you a little more peace of mind by protecting your source of income. We understand every rental property is different, and we will work with you to build a tailored policy that suits your needs, including your budget.

Landlords in the Orlando community trust us as experts when it comes to protecting your property, as well as you personally. We can advise you about things like liability coverage that pertains exclusively to landlords and help you select the coverage for your unique situation


You may not be aware that your regular homeowners policy does not cover your property in the event of flood damage. Fortunately, you can purchase flood insurance easily through us if you need it. We’ll help you evaluate your risk and advise you about the different types of flood insurance available.

With the serious weather events Florida has been experiencing lately, you don’t want to leave your primary residence or vacation home without protection. Don’t wait until a storm leaves you wishing you had flood coverage. Learn more here

A classic car is an investment you can be proud of, and it deserves the right protection. Let Orlando Insurance Center advise you about a classic car insurance policy, which is a little different than a regular auto policy.

As independent agents, we have a wealth of classic car insurance products available for you, and we can even cover you while you’re restoring a vehicle. For more information about protecting classic and antique vehicles, check out the information here


There are limitations to your home and auto insurance coverage when it comes to liability. That’s why we recommend most people also obtain an umbrella insurance policy, which offers additional protection beyond your regular insurance.

Who needs umbrella insurance? Just about anybody can benefit from it, but we definitely encourage it for dog owners, as well as people who have boats, RVs, or ATVs. Learn more about why an umbrella policy is a wise choice here.