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Condo Insurance

from Orlando Insurance Center

Condo Insurance

Did you know that if you own a condominium, purchasing specialized condo insurance is probably a better choice for you than a traditional homeowner policy?

Condo insurance has many things in common with homeowners insurance. For example, it will cover you if your personal property is lost or damaged due to fire, theft, and most natural disasters. It can also pay your expenses to live elsewhere if your dwelling is uninhabitable, such as when there is serious smoke damage.

However, because you don’t own the entire building, like a single-family home, it doesn’t make sense to pay for a homeowner policy for a condo. At Orlando Insurance Center, we can help you find a condo insurance policy that gives you the protection you need at a price you can afford. As independent agents, we have access to hundreds of insurance products to help our clients with their unique needs.

When you purchase a condo insurance policy, we can make sure you get coverage for any upgrades you’ve made to your unit, such as new kitchen counters or hardwood flooring. Also, you’ll have the option of purchasing full replacement cost insurance, which means there will be no depreciation of the value of your personal property in the event you need to file a claim.

We are experts at customizing condo policies to work with the specifics of an HOA agreement, so your responsibilities are covered. We love giving our clients in the Orlando, Florida area the peace of mind that comes from knowing their most valuable assets are protected.

Reach out today online or give us a call at 407-680-1214 to let us know how we can help you. Don’t risk leaving your investment unprotected when a reasonable condo insurance policy is just a quick chat away.