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Orlando, FL  6/16/2017 4:00:43 PM— As a basic instinct, when we are children we seek the protection of our parents. Mothers are expected to provide all the tenderness, love and care. They are mostly in charge of keeping family matters in order. READ MORE >>

Orlando, FL-  1:09:44 PM 5/16/2017 As the summer months approach and we start our vacationing mode it is hard to ignore we now live in a world full of options. Modern travelers have choices that allow them to enjoy more room, maybe accommodate a group more comfortably while saving... READ MORE >>

May is motorcycle safety month!   Orlando, FL  5/2/2017 11:08:30 AM—Perhaps you feel extremely confident and a skilled biker, if that is your case it works on your behalf. Having the proper training to manage dangerous conditions and having the latest safety features on your motorcycle is your best plan to make sure you come back home safe and sound. READ MORE >>

Orlando, FL—  4/25/2017 12:48:06 PM Nothing feels nicer and more relaxing than spending your funday with family and friends while cooling off those high temperatures in the amazing customized pool you just built in your very backyard.   READ MORE >>

Orlando, FL — Sometimes we feel life could be a constant evolving chaos. Changes, changes and more changes. Most of the time we end up adapting to our new reality. At the end, we discover it is all good as we grow and it is important to embrace changes and make a positive outcome as we build our future. READ MORE >>

Orlando, FL — Oh Florida, we love our weather! We never get to shovel snow, and water sports are almost a year round affair. Even though our fantastic weather is highly valued and appreciated by us, one thing Floridians learn is how to deal with storms. READ MORE >>

Orlando, FL - Much has been said regarding the housing preferences of millennials. Compared to previous generations, millennials have a greater likelihood of remaining single in their marital status and typically defer marriage and parenthood, which in turn affects their housing decisions putting them in the front line of the house (or apartment) rental market. READ MORE >>

Orlando, FL - The Rogers were all excited, they got into their new home. They had finally found the right place in Lake Nona for their kids (and themselves) to enjoy a true community atmosphere with extraordinary amenities for the entire family and friends. READ MORE >>

Watch Out! Sometimes I am amazed of how many distractions exist while driving.  I never realized how distracted I really was. Just last week driving around Lake Nona, I asked myself a series of "have you ever" questions:   READ MORE >>

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